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One of the ways that I'm honing my skills as an educator is by teaching courses through! I offer courses on a variety of topics, from science to Shakespeare and other performance workshops.


I teach classes for students aged 7 - 18. Click on the button below to view my Outschool teacher profile and see what students and parents are saying about my classes! More details below!

My Classes

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Shakespeare's Verse: A Beginner's Guide to Heightened Language

This one-week introductory course is designed for students aged 13 - 16 who are interested in Shakespeare's works, but unsure of where to begin. Over four sessions, we will ask and answer the following questions: What is heightened language and how is it different from everyday speech? What is iambic pentameter, and how do we analyze this poetic structure? What does it mean when there are variations in this structure? What is the difference between verse and prose, and why is it important?

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Shakespearean Book Club - the Bard Out Loud!

This two-week long course for ages 13 - 18 asks students to collaboratively read some of Shakespeare's most famous works aloud and discuss their major themes. Each week we will read one full play out loud together and engage in verbal and written discussions to deepen students' understanding of the text. I offer two different versions of Shakespearean Book Club - one reading Romeo & Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream, and one reading Julius Caesar and The Tempest.

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Acting the Song: Adding Depth and Character to your Performance

This class draws on a lesson that I learned from my own voice teacher - that if you can't make clear character and story choices in your performance, it doesn't matter if you have the most beautiful voice in the world. Available for both ages 7 - 12 and 13 - 18, in one-time or weekly ongoing format, this one-on-one workshop focuses on asking important character building questions. Who am I? Who am I singing to? Why am I singing? What do I hope to accomplish by singing, and how do I get it? 

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Tackling the Scientific Paper: Strategies for Science Class

This course is designed for high school students interested in pursuing any of the scientific fields. During a one-hour workshop, we will break down a scientific article into its distinct sections - abstract, introduction, materials & methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and works cited - and discuss the importance of each of them, building a strategy for efficiently reading scientific literature. Special emphasis is placed on understanding graphs and figures. This is a valuable skill for students to have in high school, college, and everyday life.

Here's what parents are saying...

Acting the Song (7-12) 

From my daughter: "It was so amazing and I learned so much and it really helped me act my song!".... She was raving about this class immediately after it was over!!

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Tackling the Scientific Paper

Wish I could give this 10 stars. Even though he was the only one who actually showed up for the class, she still held it and patiently took the time to explain the concepts and made sure he understood before proceeding. There were several checkpoints where she paused to check for understanding. She even covered how to read the graphs in detail. All students should know how to read scientific articles if they plan on majoring in any of the science and math disciplines. I hope to see more if this type of class.

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Shakespeare's Verse

Ms. Flores is an Excellent tutor, very knowledgeable! She goes above and beyond... highly recommend!!

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Shakespeare's Verse

Where do I start??!! An outstanding class delivered with passion and care. My son adored this course! Please please offer more Shakespeare sessions Laine!

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Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 8.30.19 PM.png

Acting the Song (7-12)

My son loved this class!

Acting the Song (13-18)

My daughter told me this was an amazing class. She said the teacher was very kind and gave her such valuable information in her acting. She said that she felt the song and she had a lot of fun doing it. I would highly recommend this class!

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